Reasonable and unfounded reasons for seeking a quick loan without proving income

January 28, 2020 0 Comments

Quick loans are a great way to raise money when needed. Of course, there are good and unfounded reasons to seek such types of loans. While most often require large sums of money from bankers and application is well thought out, it is often very urgent and unwise to make quick decisions.

And here, of course, comes the conditions of the banks, which usually ask for a certain set of documents, then when making a quick loan the transaction is made only with an ID card.

It is also not uncommon for applicants for quick credit without proof of income ie. persons who do not work in one place and do not receive regular documented pay for their work. If you are of this type and are tempted to hit the application button, then see when it’s really worth it and when not.

Do not seek quick credit without proving income when

Do not seek quick credit without proving income when

You want to buy new clothes because there is a sale. No, this is not a valid reason, though right now this particular bag looks really attractive. Even if these are the coolest shoes you always wanted to have, the reason is still not valid. Yes, fast loans are affordable, but if you do not have a steady income and are not sure that you can handle the repayment – you better refrain from such impulsive actions.

You have found a boyfriend (boyfriend) on the internet and want to see him / her immediately. If the person you are contacting wants to see you, you don’t have to resort to quick loans to take this step right now. If you really want to meet, or are you the initiator of such an action, consider it better to plan the visit first than to come directly and borrow it.

You should have made some improvements to the car. When you have a car, maintaining it is important. If repair is inevitable, then quick loans are the solution. But if you want to make absolutely unnecessary improvements to the vehicle at the moment – quick loans are not the solution. Often, but not in all cases, a quick loan without proof of income can be charged with higher interest rates. However, the creditor institution wants to insure to some extent that the money will be recovered even by people who do not have a permanent job.

Coverage of other contributions. No, this is definitely not a reason to borrow. The only thing you can accomplish by taking a quick loan to cover another installment is to further burden your budget with cash back. Be sure to avoid such steps and try to keep your finances short, because most debts will put you in an even more unpleasant and particularly dangerous debt spiral.

You really need the money because

You really need the money because

You need to take your child to a doctor. Yes, that is a really good reason. Children ‘s health is one of the most important things that every parent takes care of when a baby is born. For many parents, even after the children are already large, care and anxiety remain. It is precisely for this reason that when children need to be taken to a doctor, and this is always urgent, the need for a quick loan when there is no other option for finding money for medicines or hospital expenses is fully justified.

Repair of the vehicle used to commute. When the car is not only a pleasure, but is used for commuting, transporting children to school or kindergarten, repairing it is inevitable. For many people living outside the big cities, this is the only way to get to big cities and work accordingly. When you work shifts or late and there is no option to travel with other commute from home to home, then looking for a quick loan without proving income is justified and really a necessity.

Personal health problems. No one is comfortable staying home at home, no matter if it is a seasonal cold or more serious problems such as a broken limb or worse, a hospital stay. Yes, these are really, really, an extremely urgent situation and in that case you can resort to seeking fast loans. The need to buy drugs, supplies, additional research can dramatically increase medical costs. When health problems are really serious, there is no need to save money for a faster recovery. Some more specific problems may require the installation of various consumables, which are often paid for. Yes, when you do not have the necessary money and you do not work, but the amount you really need to reasonably seek a quick loan without proving income.

Yes, you definitely need a quick loan right now

Yes, you definitely need a quick loan right now

Even when you are not working, you can request quick credit without proving income in the situation described. If you do not repair the home immediately, the consequences can bring you far higher costs. The same is true of things like a broken electric appliance like a washing machine. Even if you don’t have the money for a new one and can’t afford to buy one, the need to repair the old one is definitely not over.

All the essentials that are used on a daily basis sometimes reach the point of repair. And if you are unable to afford a new one, but the old one collapses, feel free to seek a quick loan. Even if you work freelance, you can take a quick loan without proving income, as long as you convince the institution that you will be able to repay the amount.

Paying bills for your phone, especially if you need it to work. Mobile phones are extremely convenient – both for communication and recently for work. Few users literally live on their phone and watch it constantly. So if you are one of these people and the smurf is like an extension of your hand and your job is directly related to it, then paying the bill is absolutely obligatory. And yes, if stopping communication on your mobile phone will directly affect your work – you can seek a quick loan.